Mould Remediation

Mould Remediation

Here at Property Services SDS we offer a wide range of mould remediation solutions covering both viable and non-viable air sampling. With our Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor (CMRS) you’ll find we have the experience and resources to visit your property, take air samples and thorough visual inspections to assess the damage and recommend a schedule of remedial works.

Different levels of mould growth require different engineering controls to contain and remove the problems.

Once the cause has been established, our mould remediation team can then carry out the scope of works recommended by the CMRS.

Anti Microbial Treatments

Anti Microbial treatments are an important consideration toward the health and safety of anyone living or working in buildings. When affected areas are left untreated you run the risk of allowing it to spread into areas which were not initially affected by the water damage.

This can also result in airborne contamination which is the number one cause of allergies and respiratory infections, worse still, serious illness can occur to those already susceptible to airborne contaminations.

Our most comprehensive Microbial Treatment is 99.99% effective against harmful mould, fungus or bacteria. We use chemicals which are 100% plant based which means they are not harmful to humans or pets.

Serious reactions can be caused to both allergic and non allergic individuals by touching or breathing mould spores. It is therefore highly important that they are removed immediately.

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